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PROBA-V 2017 Image calendar

The Vegetation-1 and Vegetation-2 instruments onboard the SPOT 4 and SPOT 5 satellites have been operational until 31 May 2014. These instruments have daily monitored and mapped the worldwide vegetation for more than 16 years, thus providing essential information on crop yields, droughts, desertification, changes in the type of vegetation, deforestation, etc. to a broad user community.
ESA is currently preparing the launch of the Sentinel-3 satellites, of which the first one (Sentinel-3A) is foreseen for September 29tn, 2015. The Sentinel missions are developed for the operational needs in land, ocean, and atmospheric monitoring within the European Copernicus programme. However, between the end-of-life of SPOT-VGT and the launch of the Sentinel-3 satellites, a rather large time gap of about 3 years would occur, which would imply a discontinuation of the vegetation monitoring time series. read more....